Steven Eagell 2017
Yanis Kapitanis
Steven Eagell Toyota

It is very encouraging to be a part of these days as I have worked as a retail salesman and have seen many come and go. However, when visiting the different Steven Eagell dealerships it’s amazing to see the Sales people that Martec helped to select after the all-day selection course. It’s even more encouraging to look at the sales board and see that they have not just turned into ordinary Sales men, but are in fact among the top sales people in the group. The selection course is very informative but professionally done as Martec prepares a series of tests that help determine if the candidate is going to have the basic people skills to sell to the general public. I listen to the candidates and their conversation during the day, and it’s evident that all want to go through and work for Steven Eagell Toyota. This is because of the buzz and atmosphere created by Ray Harkin and his team, along with the Managers and Directors of Steven Eagell Toyota. The banter and the humour helps relax the candidates but at the same time the balance of professionalism is still evident. I look forward to the next recruitment day as The Steven Eagell group continues to grow with the help of Martec and its team of professionals.

Sales Manager

Year 1:

Ryan wondered how he could change his career. A Section Manager for a DIY store he felt stifled and unmotivated. His salary and development expectations were low, he was stuck in a rut.

Fortunately, his partner showed him to an advertisement in the local paper for a Car Sales Trainee. Ryan met Martec. 

Year 2: 

Ryan has sold 62 cars in the last 90 days. He reached the showroom floor late in November and already is outselling his colleagues. His profit retention is higher than average and his finance and add on penetration are outstanding. 

Ryan is on his way to becoming an Exceptional Salesperson, a premium brand ambassador. 

Martec’s Role:

Initially, Ryan attended a Martec Recruitment Event where his core characteristics were assessed and where he was selected to join a proven and comprehensive Salesperson Training Programme. Ryan is serving an express apprenticeship and as part of his Individual Assessment and Development Programme, Ryan has been assigned a Sales coach. He has his own sales expert, a Mentor, to guide him through the important early habit forming stages of his new career.

Business Owner

Before life in car sales I was a student at the University Of Ulster Jordanstown studying BSc(Hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences. I finished up in May 2006 with a 2:1 and was unaware of where to start my career. Like many other trainees I heard the advertisement on the radio and because I held an interest in cars, was extremely motivated and had the ability to manage 100 things at once(which the job description doesn't state) I thought this has to be the job for me.

After a little research into the Dealer Group and with the unbelievable interest and competition on the recruitment day I thought this has my name all over it. It is quite ironic that the competition on that day emulates life in the car industry as you are always competing against other brands.

I began a 6 month training programme which gave me a great depth of knowledge to assist me in not only selling but also in giving me an all round understanding of the business. I started selling mid December to get myself ready for the start of the year which is what we call the "busy period", now I can state that all year is a "busy period" in here.

We are now into July and as a sales executive I have yet to miss target, hitting every single month consecutively with my best month being May

I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of car sales, the thrill from a sale cannot be explained, it is not easy but you definetely get out what you put into it. If you are extremely organised and on top of everything you will succeed. The importance of acting on certain things asap ensures that things are not forgotten and therefore increases customer experience which in turn drives business.

The Group as a whole are fair and rewarding. The important thing is to listen and learn from the experienced.

Although my career with the group has been relatively short I can see myself with this company for a long time, long may it continue.

Head of Business

I remember the time in my life when I came to a dead end in my career. I was in the Hotel & Catering industry, then switched to retail, earning a good salary (I thought). However, where could I progress to from there? And how much more could I expect to earn? As an ambitious person, they were big questions that could not be answered as far as I was concerned. 
I had always wanted to be in the motor industry, made several attempts at applying, but never got through to the interview stage. “Due to lack of experience” the letters said. 

One day I saw the advertisement for Sales Executives, I called the number and got invited to the Martec recruitment day. On the day, there were 52 people, and only 5 vacancies. 

As the day started, I was happy to hear that previous motor industry experience did not matter. It was all about the certain attributes that individuals had. They were looking for; trainability, longevity, commitment, dedication, passion. 

What a day, you kind of learn a few things about yourself as well. I got selected and started as a sales executive with no previous experience. 
I continually received what I call “real world” training from Martec, with excellent development which really helped through my career, and without question earned me a fantastic salary. 

After 5 ½ years, I am a Sales Manager at a prestige Franchise, driving a £65000 company car, and living a brilliant lifestyle. On a continuous basis we have Martec training at this Dealership and the results are brilliant for extra revenue. 

Last week, I held a Martec recruitment day for 3 Sales Executive positions, and all 3 vacancies have been successfully filled from that day. 

The recruitment process on the day really does show the strengths and weaknesses of all applicants in different stages and scenarios. You truly know who and/or what you are getting at the end of the day. Absolutely brilliant, I would highly recommend it to any Dealership. The 3 people are passionate, hungry, eager, enthusiastic and committed. These attributes you can certainly not ascertain by a traditional route of selection. 

I would like to thank Martec for the brilliant and ingenious recruitment process, and also on a personal basis, thank them for the opportunity and personal development given to me. 

I have no hesitation in continuing benefiting from all aspects of Martec for this Dealership.