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Sales Executive in Vauxhall
The sales meeting starts at 8:15 but I'm always early. Early because I want to be prepared for the day. I have promises made to customers to meet. Maxine is picking up her new car today and she was a pleasure to deal with.
Helping people find the right car gives you such a buzz. First car or fifth it is a decision people sometimes struggle over and occasionally, sometimes often, your knowledge and advice swings them from an OK car to the right car.
A little while before I had the opportunity to visit the factory and see our cars being made. Wow. It is truly wondrous that the ,000's of parts all arrive at the right moment. The robots, the scale, the people! It feels exciting that so much effort and resource is channelled through me before it meets customers.
The sales meeting begins with a mixture of bravado, banta and accountability. I predict my day ahead and my manager is pleased. There is lots to know. Campaigns, offers, products and feedback. The team bristles with the days challenge.
Here she is. On cloud 9, the newest member of my drivers club, soaks up the instructions I have about controls and features of her new car. Not a tear for the unreliable trade in. A teddy bear, a wave and it's back to my desk.
I have an appointment in 20 mins and this client is looking for a completely different car from the one they have now. He is having his first baby and that's a whole new world for him. I know exactly how I can help him... This day is going well. It's 10:15!
Sales Executive in Toyota
The recruitment day was really good as you got to speak to General managers and sales people, you were also given an insight into the industry and most importantly you did not feel like you were being sold an unrealistic dream the way some sales companies seem to operate. Not only were you given an insight into the trade, you were able to get a real feel for the Steven Eagell way and culture making you feel you weren’t just at a recruitment day for any old motor group there was something unique to this one.
The exercises made it feel, fun and enjoyable and not a grilling like some days I have been on in the past. The different tasks were annoyable and challenging they also enabled you to interact with others. The way they were structured and the variety of tasks enabled me to transparently showcase what I had to offer such as negotiation, presentation, objection handling and teamworking. Had I not been through it I would not have considered a career in this industry.
Sales Executive in BMW

I tried for ages to get into the Motor Industry. This event got me there. Although it was a challenge I felt a real sense of achievement when I got through. It was a great opportunity to meet the managers, learn a bit about the ethos of the business prior to getting onboard and working out if this was a career for me.

Sales Executive in Mini
I pulled up to work in my brand new company car, reverse parking into my favourite space. I have my favourite suit on this week which always gave me an extra spring in my step. I usually get in just after 8 to have a coffee and catch up with my emails to ensure I start the day ready to go.
At 8:30 we have our morning meeting which usually has a good balance of fun and business, if I wasn’t feeling ready this meeting would always get me motivated for the day. Mr Smith arrives on time as promised to collect his Clubman from me, the second car he has bought from me. Once the handover was complete and I wave off another happy customer with their new car, it’s time to prepare for my two appointments. Two more excited customers coming in to test drive the wonderful product I am surrounded by”