Giving customers the best experience possible when purchasing their new car

What it is to be a Salesperson


A career selling cars, being an Automotive salesperson is amazing, you will work in a modern vehicle retailer environment that represents one or more of the major motor manufacturers. Some of the worlds most famous brands are car brands!.

You may well be selling New cars, Used cars, or even Commercial vehicles. These roles provide the opportunity to work in one of the UK’s best and most dynamic industries.

The Role!

You will meet hundreds of different and interesting customers. Your challenge will be to understand their real needs, then guide them towards a product or vehicle that suits them really well. After that you will agree how they can be driving this new vehicle in the easiest way. You will agree the sale..

As a Sales Person, no two days will be the same. You will be involved with a range of duties. You will be fully trained and supported and will become skilled at controlling your appointments and your diary; at engaging with new and existing customers; at demonstrating the very latest technology and cars to customers. You will be out on test drives, in the office processing paperwork and finding the best way to create more sales.

Here is a little more information about the experience you will provide your customers:

  • Meet interesting customers

  • Gather their contact details

  • Explore and understand your customers’ needs

  • Showcase the right vehicle for them

  • Help them test drive and feel the benefits of the new vehicle

  • Identify the very best way for the customer to purchase or drive vehicle

  • Sort out the paperwork and then…..

  • Hand over the car!


Complete your application then expect a call. We will ring and can get to know you so we can help you through this experience.

You are likely to be invited to a local Recruitment Event. This will be your opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have gathered and of course your character to us and the sponsor’s management team.

Be prepared to get involved in different activities that will showcase your potential.

Finally, there will be an individual interview with your potential direct manager where you will get the opportunity to understand the business, ask further questions and get to know the offer in front of you. Of course they will be finding out even more about you at the same time.

After that, you'll be selling cars!

Who are Career Selling Cars?